Common mistakes and how to fix the gym to lose weight

Common mistakes and how to fix the gym to lose weight

For many people, exercise has a lot of different purposes such as to lose weight, to improve heart health, to gain weight, to sleep well, to develop the height…. So you must choose a sport which it can help you get your goal effectively. But actually, you will not feel satisfied with your training results. At that time, you should think that you maybe have wrong techniques or the common mistakes which you do not know.

Moreover, you must know how to fix those mistakes. And now I will introduce some common mistakes and how to fix the gym to lose weight. I am sure that it will be noted if you have some exercise to lose weight.


Repetitive exercises day by day

It is not a bad thing to exercise every day to maintain heart health. However, it is not a good way if you want to lose weight. And it is not effective to repeat the same exercise day by day with the same intensity and time. What is the reason? Because at this time your body can adjust and work these exercise normally.

Tips to fix this mistake:

  • Firstly, you must make a schedule for the different activities, different levels and the different time. For example, if you usually do 40 minutes of walking you must keep that activity to follow your plan about two or three days per week.
  • Then, in the remaining days, you should combine with cycling and running.

I think you will get the better result for your weight loss.

Compensate by eating more

In fact, when you exercise every day, you will be hungrier than normal days. Therefore, you become the appetite and want to eat more. But you should not follow “your stomach” you will meet the big trouble in your weight loss purpose.

While exercising, you burned plenty of calories it is very useful and right with the weight loss. Thus, you eat too much or eat with calorie foods. You will compensate all calories which you just burn. Sometimes, you will become to gain weight. It is very terrible for you.


Tips to fix this mistake:

  • Before beginning or changing your exercise program, you should monitor the calories in your body by a professional as a personal trainer or a dietitian.
  • If you can lose 500 calories every day or 3500 calories per week it is a good new to reduce 0.5 kg weight loss a week. Although the method to lose weight is not able to practice fast by using foods to lose weight you need to be persistent and determined.

Train in imbalance

exercisesA good schedule for exercise includes the cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility work.  The balance exercise program will ensure that your body will maintain the good health. Besides, it can also have the benefit of losing weight. Every day, you must follow three components of this program. If not, you will train in imbalance and you can not reach to the good result in the purpose to lose weight.

Tips to fix this mistake:

  • You are not enough time to do three activities which I just mentioned above. You can choose an exercise with strong intensity and you only do about 10- 15 minutes to maintain the health of the joints and avoid injuries.

Exercise too much

Exercising too much is also one of the reasons why your weight loss exercises do not bring the good result. You should know that overtraining does not only help weight loss but also cause more serious complications for the body’s health as fatigue, loss of appetite…

Tips to fix this mistake:

  • If you are a beginner you should practice for 15 to 20 minutes a day for your body to get used to. Then, after 2 or 3 weeks depending on your health, you can increase the time as well as more difficult exercises.

Exercise is a way to help you burn calories highly effective to lose weight rapidly. However to achieve the expected results, you need to avoid some common mistakes. Besides, it is also very necessary to know how to fix all mistakes. All of them are listed in this writing. I hope you will get more information about exercise especially the right methods for your weight loss.

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