Don’t Bore Yourself at Home – 7 Great Things to Do in the Cold Weather (Part 1)

Don’t Bore Yourself at Home – 7 Great Things to Do in the Cold Weather (Part 1)

Trying to keep your body in shape while living in a cold climate country can be a very challenging task. It will get harder during the winter when it is cold outside so we all love to stay at home and enjoy the delicious holiday food. Winter time is also perfect for hiding some extra weight with all the clothes you have to wear, hence the principle you promise yourself about a healthy body may be silently ignored.

If you don’t want to be among those mainstreamers that suddenly get obsessed with their weight when New Year comes, then I recommend you to burn some fat during the winter with a few outdoor exercises. The great thing about my way of exercise is that you don’t need any extreme moves to have an effective workout, and you can save a ton of time from driving to the gym and coming back home. The number of exercises that offer you both fun and effective fat burning is enormous. These exercises also provide you additional fat burning power because the cold weather outside will put more stress on your body so it has to create extra heat in order to keep the body temperature balanced. Practicing during the winter can strengthen your body immune system and keep the illness away.

1. Running

Running is always the number one outdoor exercise for me because it’s an all-rounded exercise that strengthens your cardiovascular condition, offers you endurance and gives you nice a pair of legs. While running during the winter may sound bad, it gives you solitude because fewer people will look at you. It will be more difficult with all the snow and your body will not be dehydrated and overheated as easily as when you run during the summer days. You will also have some extra views of your beautiful town covered in snow besides those benefits I have mentioned above.

2. Cross-Country Skiing

If you are looking for a more challenging exercise, then cross-country skiing may be the next exercise on your list. Skiing requires almost every muscle in your body and you must show a great deal of endurance. This great sport is so awesome that you can introduce it to your friends and you will have a perfect (maybe a competitive?) weekend with them. The only downside with this option is that you have to invest quite an amount of money comparing to other options; however in the end you will find that your money has been very well spent.

3. Ice Skating

Ice skating is perfect for everyone from toddlers to elders who are looking for an easy exercise. Despite the elegancy it gives you, ice skating offers a great deal of leg improvement especially to the inner thigh sections that normally get ignored during workout. Ice skating does not put too much stress on your joint and, of course, you can fall and hurt yourself (like having a sprained ankle). Even so, this beautiful sport deserves a slot in this list. With some precaution and all the safety gears, ice skating definitely is the best way to exercise during the winter season.

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