Don’t Bore Yourself at Home – 7 Great Things to Do in the Cold Weather (Part 2)

Don’t Bore Yourself at Home – 7 Great Things to Do in the Cold Weather (Part 2)

4. Ice Hockey

If you are living in a really cold climate, your options for exercising and having fun at the same time will be limited. But with ice all over the place, you are sure able to enjoy the ice hockey. All you need are some gears and a few friends. To be honest, this kind of sport will burn the most of your calories because your competitiveness will drive you and make you forget about all the cold, the tiredness and the sweat while having fun. Just imagine the amount of calories you have just burnt after an hour on ice hockey – it is immense!

5. Team Snowball Fights

If you are looking for a way to burn down some fat that does not require any equipment or gear, then some old school snowball fight might be just the right thing for you. A couple of snowball fights is a great way to exercise your heart and your joints. Lots of running while playing will exhaust you a lot quicker than you might think because of the snow; hence it’s an excellent way to strengthen your legs with all the struggle. The throwing movements require your body to engage a lot of muscles in the process so in conclusion, snowball fight can be count as a decent workout for you, not to mention all the fun and excitement it gives you. The fact that everyone becomes a child when it comes to snowball fights can make a fight last quite long. Everyone can be hooked on and you might end up surprising at how much holiday fat you have burned away.

6. Pulling Sleds

During the winter time, all the children want are snow and riding sleds. If you have small children in your family, then you could use this opportunity to have some quality time with them. You can offer them some fun time and in return, you will have a fair workout. All you need is to have the kids to hop on your sled and start to pull them with a rope. This is a great way to improve your stamina, strengthen your legs and your upper body as well as your body core.

7. Hiking

Hiking exercise can be traced back to our ancestor and it was the very root of our survival. Remember to wear clothes in layers, prepare yourself a fine pair of hiking boots and you will be ready to go. A good long hike especially during the cold weather will drain your energy out really quickly and the effect is enormous, so maybe you will want to have some small snack afterward. One of the best thing I love about hiking is that the uphill walk will tire me out with all the additional weights I have in my backpack. Then I have to look for fire woods and start to make a fire so that after all, I can enjoy a big meal by the campfire without worrying about calories. Your body will sure produce extra heat to keep you warm the entire time and that means extra calories to be burned. Hiking is the best way to exercise during cold weather in my opinion. Just make sure to have a first aid kit with you all the time, along with some flares for signaling, a box of matches to start the fire and some preliminary light sources – you are good to go!

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