The climbing stairs every day as a way to exercise

The climbing stairs every day as a way to exercise

Sport brings a lot of benefits for our health. Thus, many people always spend their free time for a favorite sport. There are many sports for your choices such as swimming, jogging, climbing, football, volleyball, tennis…Each sport has the different effects however it depends on your body as well as your health which you can select the suitable sport.

A sport which you do not need to invest money in buying tools is the climbing stairs. It is really convenient and you can practice every day. In addition, it also brings many unexpected benefits but not everyone knows. And it is considered as a way to exercise. Here are some great things when climbing stairs every day.


6 necessary things to know about climbing stairs

It is true that no one can deny that the elevator and escalator help us move faster and more convenient. However, they are also potentially more dangerous as making passengers caught in the escalator or the elevator sometimes is suddenly broken and it is the cause of free fall. How about the climbing stairs? There are 6 wonderful things about it which you should know.

  1. Burn 100 calories when climbing stairs for 10 minutes

  • Some studies have shown that the climbing stairs are considered the physical activity with the strong intensity. Besides, it can burn more calories per minute than walking. It means that climbing stairs will consume more energy about 8 -9 times than sitting.
  • It is estimated that the average person can burn at least 0,1 calories for each step of climb and 0,05 calories for each step-down. Therefore, you can burn about 100 calories by climbing up and down stairs for 10 minutes.
  1. Climbing a staircase equals 10 second the longevity

A study is conducted in the United State that climbing a staircase equals 10 second the life. So you should maintain it every day within 15 minutes you will increase your longevity to 3 years.

  1. Helping more beautiful shape and more standard buttock 

  • With the women, they always wish to have the beautiful shape and the standard buttock. You can try to climb stairs every day. Because at that time, the buttock and thighs will work maximum activity it is the reason for the toned thighs and firm buttock.
  • On the other hands, when climbing stairs you will release a lot of sweat. This is a safe way to detoxify your body. This will make your skin more beautiful and healthy.
  1. Making the strong bones

The climbing stairs are not only for the beautiful shape but also for the strong bones. All muscles in the legs, arms, and back will move and it will help you have the body system very strong and healthy.

  1. Losing weight effectively

The stair climbing is considered one of the ways to lose weight effectively for those who are in overweight and obese. One study showed that you can decrease about 5,4 kilograms by climbing two rows of stairs during one year.

  1. Reducing to 29% the risk of stroke

  • Today, the stroke is an extremely dangerous disease for us. And it becomes very popular. Sport can prevent the stroke and you can choose the climbing stairs each day.
  • The result for finding the health of 11,000 men in the United State also showed that the physical activities like climbing stairs can reduce the risk of stroke. The men who climbed the stairs 3 to 5 times a day have dropped by 29 % this risk. It is equivalent of regular exercise for long periods.

How to climb the stair scientifically

best-exerciseTo do anything, you should not do too hasty or too strict because this will not bring the good result and affect your health. And the climbing stairs is the same. You must know how to claim it scientifically.

  • Determine to walk up and down stairs around 50- 60 degrees. Maybe it is enough for beginners.
  • Implement slowly step by step;
  • This helps you avoid the accident and enhancing the metabolic processes.
  • Should not stop immediately if you finish your climbing exercise;
  • Go around gently until your legs feel comfortable and natural;
  • Should not climb if you have some troubles of your legs

The climbing stairs also many great benefits and it is a way to exercise. If your house has the stairs it is a good opportunity to practice this sport every day. You only need about 20 minutes for 4 times to train. I make sure that you will get all benefits which I mentioned in this writing. Besides, to get the highest effects you also note how to climb the stairs scientifically. I hope this information is very useful for you.

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