Unknown things about the outdoor sports

Unknown things about the outdoor sports

We all know that the outdoor sports bring a lot of benefits for human health. So many people always try to arrange their time to participate in the activities in the outside. Some health benefits which everyone want to get include breathe the fresh air, reduce stress, absorb a lot of vitamin D to support the development of bones, reduce the obesity….. Besides, there are typical outdoor sports for your choices and bring the great benefits as jumping on the trampoline, football, swimming, volleyball….


Especially some trampoline reviews are that trampoline is one of the best outdoor sports because they can serve both adults and kids. Moreover, we can install this device in indoor or outdoor depending on your needs. This is very convenient. However, the outdoor sports also have its harmful effects if you exercise improperly. In this article, I will introduce some unknown things about the outdoor sports. I think we must know to the practice getting the highest result.

Some harmful effects when exercising in the outdoor

  • Surely, we must sustain the enclosure of the noise and the air pollution when we have some outdoor activities. This is a matter of course. In addition, now the air pollution is very complex with many different reasons such as waste from means of transport, industrial zones….
  • As you know that air pollution will affect human health seriously as reducing the lung function, increasing the risk of lung cancer, myocardial infarction, sudden stroke and hypertension…If we live in the environmental pollution for a long time it will lead to the aging quickly and reduce our life expectancy.
  • Besides, all sports activities are associated with the respiratory activity, especially breathing. The physical activity levels are higher than normal. At that time, the breathing rate will be higher to absorb the atmosphere.
  • Also, the physical activity is long it will increase our breathing rate. The change in style from nose to mouth, the mechanism of the filtering pollutants of the nose will take the effects. This will be very harmful to us.

Four ways can limit the harmful effects

running-on-beachAlthough we know that the outdoor sports not only bring many big benefits but also have serious harmful effects on the health of human. But not, for this reason, we will give up outdoor sports. Here are four ways which they can help you limit the harm above.

  • You should avoid practicing the sports in the high places of air pollution such as the industrial areas, along the busy roads with a lot of dust during the peak hours from 8 hours to 19 hours.
  • You can practice in some places where there are a clean environment and have many trees, rivers, lakes, parks or the quiet residential areas.
  • You should choose the suitable time for your practicing. And the best time to exercise your outdoor activities is around before 7 hours in the morning and after 8 hours in the evening. This is the time when the concentration of pollutants is reduced to the lowest level. Moreover, the environmental temperature also decreases significantly.
  • However, some people must be busy with their work. What time is suitable for them? If you can’t practice during the ideal time which I just mention you can exercise and avoid the peak time of the traffic.
  • On the other hands, when your body has some warning symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, pain during deep breathing and fatigue….You must stop practicing immediately. Despite you should reduce the duration and intensity of exercise to protect your health.
  • If you live the places where they have the high pollution or no have the outdoor exercise conditions you can practice in the indoor environment. However, you must make sure that it must be a clean environment to ensure your health. It is better to clean the machines, air conditioners, vacuum carpets, kill the mold and, especially avoid the cigarette smoke…..

The outdoor sports are very necessary to get a good health. They bring a lot of big benefits for a human so parents always encourage their children to participate in some outdoor activities. But the sport in the outside also has many harmful effects which I just share in this writing. Although having some bad effects you should maintain your exercising habits you only note and limit the harmful factors. Besides, you must choose the suitable time for your practicing. I hope that you will have more knowledge about the outdoor sports properly to exercise the highest effective.

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