Full Preparation before Playing in a Tournament

Full Preparation before Playing in a Tournament

There are thousands of people playing golf, however, not many golfers actually thrive on competition and play well in the tournament time. In fact, most of opinions about the ways to play in golf tournament in Google come from people who have never played at any real competition. If you get involved in a competition, you actually feel more comfortable than playing in a charity. In a charity, there is no dogfight and it is hard to get the game done. Below are experiences I get over many years of playing golf and learn from different golf winners. Read more information about Best golf clubs for beginners



Normally, people often feel nervous before participating in a competition. Some people can handle this feeling well, whereas, the others find it hard to control their nerves. A question raised in our mind is what causes to this result? In our small part of the brain, there is adrenaline, which plays an important role as an alarm clock. The adrenaline combines well with our brain system to inform bad things if there is something wrong. This makes us tighten up and give wrong decisions such as spraying the ball everywhere, chunking chip shots or missing putts.

In order to keep your adrenaline levels under control, try to put you in real competition and learn how to handle your nerves.


Before joining in any important tournament, practice is the vital requirement of every golfer. Sometimes, you ask yourself about the ways to practice playing golf effectively. According to recent studies, it is waste of time to beat balls on the range. Instead of beating balls, you should get out and play with your imagination. These preparations help you have a better view about putting and short game.


Refresh Your Mental

Refreshing your mental is an important requirement, which enables you to focus on playing good golf only. It is advisable for you to resolve all personal or business issues to avoid distraction during the game. If these matters have not been solved, make sure that you do not worry about them until you come back home.

The Mental Check List

Here is the checklist of important things may be unforeseen on the first tee:

  • Do you prepare water and snacks in the bag?
  • Did you eat well before the game?
  • Did you keep your mobile silent?
  • Did you clean your clubs?
  • Do you carry tees, pitch mark repairer and a ball marker in your bag?
  • Do you have many golf balls?
  • Are you hydrated?

Keep in mind that these things are very important in helping you prepare well for your round. It ensures that you have everything needed for overcoming different situations.

Come to the Course Early

If you want to have time for warming up or loosening up, remember to give yourself extra time. Check whether you bring all necessary accessories or not. Ample time provides a good chance for you to practice playing the first hole. Tournaments are ideal place for you to practice your skills, not making revisions or evaluating each shot. However, don’t get to the course too early because it can lengthen the time for sitting around and getting nervous.

Control Pre-round Thoughts

One fact is that the game result may excess your under your expectations. Therefore, it is your responsibility to control your expectations well. Try your best to reach the highest targets, not just trying not to play poorly. Sometimes you have to accept that you will hit some bad shots, which may lead to some bad breaks.

Hope that our recommendations above will help you calm down and succeed in your tournament. Are you ready to start the next round?

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