Walking Shoes Parts and Features

Walking Shoes Parts and Features

Walking shoes have several parts which decide your comfort and protection when walking. Some of which can be designed differently bases on preferences and situations. Knowing which parts with which features helps us a lot with choosing the Best walking shoes for men. Therefore, start to take notice some features below.



There are removable and non-removable insoles. With removable ones you can change between shoes if they’re fit to each others. Or, you can trim one down. You can even wash and dry it after or before walking.

Insole is to give comfort and balance. It helps balancing your feet by distributing pressure across the base of foot as well as getting your heel stabilized. The heel cup provided by insole must be fit with yours for avoiding slippage. Insole is like a cushion to your feet. It reduces soreness and fatigue by absorbing the shocks of ground contacting and pressure of your body.

Types of insoles vary, you can ask a specialist for your feet measurement. There are two main types we should talk about:

    • Comfort Insoles: The main role is to give you comfort, reduce soreness and fatigue or your feet when standing or moving a little. With one who’s seriously work out by walking. They’re not the ones for you.

  • Support Insoles: Also called sport insoles. They give a lot of support when your feet work hard like balance.

Insole is also important for the fit between your feet and your shoes. It can be added some features like odor or fungus, moisture control.


Midsole support the arches, stabilize the heel like insole. It’s a plus one. Therefore, it also reduces stress in joints and muscles.


Outsole is the outside layer which contacts the ground. So, it must have groove and tread which give good traction. Moreover, it must be flexible for not blocking your movements. Finally, durability since it’s the one meet friction with the ground.


Achilles Notch

Is to reduce stress on the tendon, protect it and prevent irritation. It also contributes to the shoes fit.

Ankle Collar

Give ankle comfort by the cushions and make sure the overall proper fit.

Toe Box

A room for toes to stay. It’s “toe box”. The toe box must have enough space for the toes. But, not too much roomy that your feet run from side to side in the shoes. It must not too tight either. In that case, our toes will be pushed against each others, overlap and then get hurt.

Remember, our feet swell when exercising. Therefore, there’s need to be a place spacious enough for toes to expand as well as spread down and move up and down.

Roll Bar

Not all walking shoes have this part. But its role is quite important. Our ankles may tend to roll inward or outward (not common) of our body when they touch the ground through walking motions. Roll bar is to keep the ankles from rolling to one side when walking. Therefore it prevents injuries from over pronation or over supination.


It is the cover of the shoes: Up, sides and back. It is usually made of leather, mesh, fabric and some synthetic material. It is the biggest part as it’s the surface. So, it decides fitness and comfort trough breathability and protection from outside elements. Pay attention to breathability and waterproof features when looking at Upper.

Walking shoes’ purposes are to give you comfort and protection. For instance, injuries from improper motions, effect of outside elements like water, rough terrain and so on. So each parts depends on each position must make sure the balance, stabilization, dryness, fitness, cushioning, et cetera for your feet when walking.

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