How to Choose the Bowhunting equipments?

How to Choose the Bowhunting equipments?

Types of bow:

There are two main classes of bow such as the longbow, recurve bow and compound bow.

  • Long bow:
    The longbow is as old as the history of archery begins. Now its designs have many improvements to provide better arrow speed, comfort and durability. The design of longbow is definitely same as the design of 11,000 years ago like as stick and string.
  • Rcurve bow:
    Other type of bow is rcurve bow that is the second generation of bow technology. It is basically design traces back to Asia approximately 2,000BC. This design permits archers to get the arrow speeds of a much longer bow with a considerably lesser recurve bows are a compound materials.
  • Compound bow:
    Compound bows are so difference from the recurve bows and long bows. The limbs of the compound bow are very stiffer in comparison to its other counterparts. It can make the compound bow store energy in an efficient manner when you are shooting the bow.

How to choose right bow hunting equipment?

  • Proper size:
    To select a bow that is best for you, you should realize what is your calculated draw length or actual draw length. You can calculated draw length by selecting the appropriate size bow.
  • Speed of bow:
    When you are selecting the bow for your hunting always focus on that its speed. You can expressed your speed with a FPS(feet per second). You can know the consistency through IBO(international bow hunting organization) stander in order to measuring the speed of your bow. Normally the all bows are measured of 70lbs draw weight; 30” draw length and using a 350 grain arrow. Keep in mind that faster speed and harder arrow is best to hit the target. Before choose, make sure that are you choosing the proper hunting arrows?
  • Draw weight of bow:
    Next important point is the draw weight. The draw weight is normally an amount of weight you may feel during retracting your bowstring.  In order to to shoot form a compound bow to increase speed and the amount of energy form the stroke. In the case of deer hunting, you can draw weight of 45lbs is the minimum require. , you must able for proper shooting techniques to hold the bow for a minute in full draw without shaking and be able to draw the bow smoothly while drawing cycle to prevent form some injuries.
  • Length of bow:
    Another important factor is the draw length of a bow that is distance between position of the bowstring at rest and at full draw. Choosing a draw length is complete arm span that is divided by 2.5. Mostly all the bows are adjustable draw lengths.
  • Brace height of bow:
    Next is brace height that is the distance form the bowstring for shooter grip. There is a direct correlation between that you must close the bowstring is to your wrist and physical exertion, work and you must do the draw the bow back. Shorter brace height approximately 6.5 or lesser are not suggested for beginner as minor flaws in shooting techniques are greater than before in exchange for a shorter brace height.


However, there is pulley cam structure including of wheels and strings that support with shooting the bow which is not possess by recurve bow and long bows. The compound bow is a hybrid of old and new technology whereas the recure bows and long ways bows having a traditional design. You can identify the proper bow size for archery that will take some time to determine the accurate bow size for you.

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