Best Nursing Shoes Under 120

Best Nursing Shoes Under 120

In this informative article, an attempt is made to bring to your knowledge five of the best nursing shoes that the world can boast of today. This is not a promotional hype, but after a care and diligent study of some of the best nursing shoes, five of the very best have been chosen for the purpose of this article.

Some factors were taken into consideration before a pick of the five; chief of which is the retail price. The world economy is under recession, with this clearly in mind, a pick of best nursing shoes (the best for now) under 120 has been chosen.

But first, this very crucial question: Do Nurses actually need shoes? A two-year-old do not need a car-confirmed. What is the place of the shoe to the effectiveness or otherwise of a Nurse on active duty?


The Nurse works for long hours of between 8-12 hours; in a single shift. For the greater part of these hours, the Nurse is on his/her feet. The floor of the hospital ward is very hard, thereby taking a further toll on the feet. Do you see reasons now why the Nurse should be as comfortable as possible on the feet during the course of duty?

These are some of the best five that you can get that are below the retail price of $120. Here we go on this informative ride:


This is yet another classic in nursing shoes on offer now. The color is white, complementing the white apparel worn by Nurses the world over. It is made from fine leather.

The design of this leather shoe is classic and it comes with the desired support needed by Nurses to see them through the long hours of work that the profession demands of them whenever they are on duty.

It has a classic lace-up design. The upper of this shoe is tumbled in such a way as to give the needed comfort to your heels while on routine medical duty. The leather is stain resistant; you need not worry about anything untoward happening to the white color.

The grip on the walking surface of the hospital/clinic premises is firm and it is one that will not pose any danger to your stability while on duty. Thanks to the anti-slip rubber inserts that will guarantee your stability on all manner of surfaces.

Ever of heard of DRYZ? It is incorporated into the design of this shoe. And what is it for? I can hear you ask though not audibly- it will absorb any form of moisture due to perspiration from your feet. Your feet are kept dry for as long as this shoe is laced up on you.

Shanks are added to this nurse shoe, they are composite and aimed at giving the needed support to your arch thereby enhancing stability while on duty. This nursing shoe has an athletic design complimented by some innovative features all in a bold bid to enhance yours on the job performance.

Are you looking  for that shoe that will keep your feet supported all through the hours of work; and that which will make your feet comfortable all through, then this nursing shoe is a sure bet; it will sure fire you on.

The unit price tag that you will find on this shoe is in the region of $64.45 to $72.14. The price is good value for money.


Going through some of the reviews of Nurses who have had cause to use this shoe, one can make bold to say that it is an excellence of execution. But one thing, though, is careful with the surface because it can come off when you least expected it.


This nursing shoe is made of 100% synthetic material. Even the sole of this shoe is made wholly from synthetic materials. The material used followed that synthetic line of symmetry thereby ensuring that all the component parts fit in perfectly well for the comfort of the end user.

Many Nurses have had issues with the height of the nursing shoes. Their common line of complaint is that those high heeled Nurse Shoes gives them discomfort rather than comfort at the heels. This nursing shoe in question comes with heel height at zero level.

This Alaine sneaker is a must for Nurses who have to undergo long hours on duty. There is no worry about lacing; you just slip it on and you are good to go on the job.

This nursing shoe is easy to clean and the finished product is a light weight on your feet affording you all the comfort that you need while on the call of duty. It is so designed to give you some level of cushion on your feet.

The grip on the floor is superior. When you put on this shoe, there will be no markings of the sole on the floor. This shoe will not give any offensive odor like some shoes in this category do.

Going through rave reviews of this nursing shoe, some Nurses who have used it say it is a multipurpose shoe. It can be worn outside the walls of the hospital/clinic. The only issue with this shoe is its little nubs digging into the sole of the feet.

The retail cost of this shoe is from $52.45 to $74.11. They are worth the price; the value is there.


This nursing shoe can hold its own any time any day. The fact that there are no laces to tie makes it a darling of some Nurses.

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