10 Tips Need to Remember When Kayak Fishing


It can say that kayak fishing is considered as a happy, peaceful sport, which allows you to invest with an affordable budget. Even, the best fishing kayak is also the proper price. Although it does not have the motor for kayakers (or the chart of areas is also small), the storage space and challenge are less than paddling. You are enjoying fishing on the kayak, aren’t you? Well, these below tips will actually be useful for you to catch a lot of fishes, but the safety.

10 safe tips for kayak fishing

Number #1It should buy a kayak with a bright color

The dark colored kayaks (the most are blues) will be difficult to spot if you unfortunately meet the risk. Accordingly, bright colors shall be a safe choice because they are visible. It recommends that you ought to select colors orange, yellow, or green when choosing to buy one.

Number #2It must always wear a PFD ~ a lifejacket

Your purpose is kayak fishing. Is it right? Probably, you will roll over at a couple of points. At the same time, the happened risk is quite large whether you are a good swimmer. Therefore, let’s remember that you must always wear a lifejacket when kayak fishing.

Number #3It practices kayaking before beginning your fishing trip

Don’t be too excited that starts fishing as soon as you buy a fishing kayak! Once you do not have experience, you will be able to get the accident. Initially, you must know how to balance and row. Before starting the trip, you should try several times to get the fundamental things.

Number #4It spends enough time to go fishing

It will not be able to reach with a large catch just in an hour. In fact, kayak fishing is also similar to other types of fishing. It requires both patience and time. You ought to plan a couple of hours on the water if you want to catch something.

Number #5It gets a quality paddle

Don’t let you have to regret when purchasing a cheap paddle. You ought to know that the expensive paddles will help your rowing become lighter because they are not only light but also strong. So good!

Number #6It dresses to swim

When to kayak fishing, it is certain that you will not avoid the situation of rolling in your kayak. In the case you go in the water, you are going to need to wear the proper clothing. Inevitably, we are mentioning to the PFD. Nevertheless, apart from the cotton, you should also consider other dry materials. It will be better so as to pack the extra clothing.

Number #7It ensures your gear that is secured

We have mentioned several times about rolling in the kayak. Correspondingly, to keep your entire gear, you ought to utilize the straps. In additional to that, you can also use the dry bag to hold your non-water gear.

Number #8Let’s row a quiet manner

When rowing the kayak, you ought to try to row quietly and smoothly. The purpose is to avoid slashing. In addition, the quietness will also help you without striking the fish.

Number #9It brings a non-water VHF radio

In some emergency cases, an emergency assistance like a waterproof VHF radio is necessary. It will help you to performance this. Of course, you also have to know how to utilize it before you hit it in the water; especially, the way to use the frequencies.

Number #10It avoids the high-traffic positions

When avoiding the high-traffic positions, you will not have to compete with other fishermen in catching. The ability to catch in the shallow areas is considered as the large benefit. Consequently, finding the areas without many fishermen will bring a certain advantage to you.

Let’s utilize these tips to make sure safe and increase the priority of catching! Kayak fishing is a useful sport. It hopes that 10 tips above will be able to bring a fun trip. Happy fishing!

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