Tips for Picking the Perfect Outdoor Basketball Shoes for you


Having a good pair of basketball shoes is a must if you wish to enjoy a safe and comfortable playing experience. When it comes to choosing the best basketball shoes for your needs, you have to consider the place where you will be playing—indoors or outdoors?

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Basketball Shoes

Many of you may be wondering what is the difference between the basketball shoes used for indoors and outdoors. Why would you need an outdoor basketball shoe?, The surface indoors may vary from the surface of the streets or the roads so the comfort and support requirement of your feet during the game would vary and that is why you would need an outdoor basketball shoe.

One of the differences between the two is the hardness of the outsole. In order to provide enough support and comfort and lessen the impact on the feet, the outsole of the outdoor basketball shoe must be harder than that of the indoor shoes.

In addition to that, you may need to take a look at the thread size and pattern as it can dictate the traction that your shoe can get. Outdoor basketball shoes usually have a large herringbone pattern for such purpose.

Lastly, outdoor basketball shoes offer more ventilation as compared to indoor basketball shoes. This is because it is hotter on the streets than inside the gym and the ventilation will allow you to feel comfortable during the game.

How to Buy the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Now that you know the importance of having outdoor basketball shoes, here are some tips on how you can find the one.

  • Consider what type of player you are.

Basketball shoes are not created equal. These shoes are designed with the specific needs of the players in mind. Because of this, you need to consider what type of player are you.

If you are a power player, you should prioritize stability and cushion above all.

If you are a fast player, you would need a low cut and lightweight basketball shoe.

Lastly, a pair of basketball shoes with moderate ankle cushioning and support would be suitable for an all-around player.

  • Pay attention to the fit.

Fit would be another factor to consider because it can dictate how comfortable your feet will be. If the shoe is too tight, your feet will feel restricted, and your movement will surely be limited. On the other hand, there’s a high chance that the shoe may slip out of your foot as you are running if it is too big.

Make sure to try on the shoes to determine if it fits your feet well. It is also best that you walk around while wearing it so you can know how comfortable it can be.

  • Choose a durable shoe.

As mentioned above, you need to focus on the durability of the outsole since the concrete, and street surfaces are harder and rougher so it may speed up the wear and tear of the outsoles. With this in mind, opt for a rubber shoe with a harder and thicker outsole.

One good way to test the hardness of the outsole is to rub your finger against its tread. The outsole should not only have minimal movement (and must not bend all the way) when you do this.

  • Look for proper ventilation.

As mentioned above, the weather outdoors is a lot hotter so your feet would need proper ventilation. Because of this, it would be best if you will choose a pair of basketball shoes with a mesh part at the top. The mesh material can encourage proper air circulation inside the shoe. Aside from making your feet feel comfortable, it can also keep the feet dry all throughout the game.

  • Keep support in mind.

Since the game entails lots of jumping and running, your feet and ankles would require maximum support to avoid injuries. Considering this, it would be best that you shy away from mid-cut and low-cut shoes as these do not provide the level of support that you need.

  • Think just about the function—but the form as well!

The appearance of the shoe may be the least important of all, but it doesn’t mean that you should totally disregard it! When looking for a pair of outdoor basketball shoes, it is recommended that you consider the style as well. Choose one that would suit your personal style so you would look amazing while playing.

Wearing the right basketball shoe is crucial as it can help provide the comfort and safety that your feet need. Consider the factors (size, fit, comfort, style, breathability, and durability) mentioned above, and you can surely find the one that would suit your feet the most!

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